RoboSense targets safer autonomous driving

RoboSense is showing its RS-V2X system that combines Lidar sensor technology with AI point cloud perception software. The system is designed to give autonomous vehicles an overhead view of roads and intersections, facilitating the rapid development of new infrastructure for intelligent transportation and ensuring the safety of autonomous driving.
September 21, 2022
Samuel Dalke of RoboSense
Samuel Dalke of RoboSense

The Shenzhen, China-based company is showing its latest RS-Ruby-80V Lidar that looks down from gantries to detect traffic. Compared with previous generation Lidar models, the RS-Ruby-80V is 50% smaller in both volume and weight, while the detection range for 10% low reflectivity has improved by 12.5%.

RoboSense says that the new Lidar can operate for sustained periods in temperatures of -40C and resists interference from other Lidars and ambient light.

The new system combines this with the AI point cloud perception software to give useful data to a self-driving car. The data can also be used for smart city ITS solutions.

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