VanJee Lidar aims to improve truck safety

Chinese company VanJee is showing off its high-quality Lidar WLR-711 sensor specifically designed for vehicle classification, traffic data collection and vehicle dimension measurement. This data is crucial for automatic tolling, safety and compliance and infrastructure planning.
September 21, 2022
Zhao Zhai of Vanjee
Zhao Zhai of Vanjee

According to Zhao Zhai, the company’s business development director, one of the most critical applications for the Lidar sensor is measuring vehicle height – data that can be used to identify oversized trucks that are travelling toward low-clearance bridges and tunnels.

“This is a very big problem in under-developed countries around the world,” Zhai said. “We can help prevent damage and save lives.”

In addition, VanJee enables automatic tolling applications through vehicle classification. The sensor creates a 3-D point cloud of each passing vehicle before matching it to a variety of baseline 3D models—achieving up to 99% classification accuracy between sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, vans, enclosed trucks and trucks with different numbers of axles. Integrated with automatic licence plate recognition, accurate vehicle classification ensures that drivers are charged appropriately when passing through a tolling gantry.

The Lidar WLR-711 sensor is also used to collect traffic data – including traffic volume, vehicle class and speed – used for traffic research, monitoring, operation, infrastructure planning and congestion measurement.

Originally developed 10 years ago, the Lidar WLR-711 sensor is deployed in dozens of countries around the world—including the EU, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Russia and Brazil.

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