9 – 10 November: Ertico’s first virtual ITS European Congress

Ertico’s mission is to bring the ITS community the same energy and engagement of previous face-to-face Congresses, yet in just one click. Participants will access an entirely virtual event with the 3D setting of an interactive platform and a range of tools to facilitate engagement, networking and debate with ITS key players.
October 13, 2020
ITS Ertico


The rich programme includes 20 high-level speakers and keynotes, 24 sessions on different themes, more than 200 papers and presentations, as well as more than 20 interviews and satellite events.

Four high-level sessions will address the essential pillars at the foundation of the event’s motto: resilient, innovative, green and visionary mobility.

Resilience is a powerful tool to handle and accommodate disruption ensuring high-quality performance in the transport and mobility of people and goods. Representatives from both the public and the private sectors will debate to identify measures to create a more resilient mobility, to deal with cybersecurity and safety challenges and deliver services efficiently and more securely.  

Innovation is key to the development of new mobility solutions that meet users’ demands and evolve the needs of society. This session will brainstorm on identifying gaps and alternatives to facilitate innovation in transport through cross-sector collaboration and new technologies.

Sustainability is the goal and a pre-requisite of our modern times, and fits into the wider context of the European Green Deal. Speakers from the European Commission, the public sector and industry will address the challenges and outline the solutions to achieve cleaner, greener and hence smarter mobility.

Visionary is the word that sums up the future of mobility: the latest trends and technology developments used to transform challenges into opportunities and make the transport system even more inclusive, cooperative and up-to-date.


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