Breaking down silos with MyCity

McCain is putting its smart city commitment into action with the development of MyCity, an intelligent transportation and mobility platform that breaks down silos, creates networks of opportunity, and embraces the future of cloud solutions.
October 13, 2020


MyCity is a user-friendly and modern interfaced platform that allows cities to take full advantage of the different solutions they have.  While the platform will offer a full set of transportation and mobility solutions ‘off-the-shelf’, McCain says it will continue adding level upon level of additional functionality to help solve the transportation and mobility problems of today and in the future. MyCity cornerstones include automated analytics and predictive elements that will change the way cities and agencies operate. In addition, the platform will take advantage of the full benefits of the cloud with greater storage and processing power of data while providing useful and distributed information.    

“MyCity is a technological leap forward for our company and is creating excitement in the industry on a global level,” said McCain COO, Greg McKhann.  

Exchanging information rapidly and being able to share it securely and easily with third party vendors or a defined group is key to MyCity’s design and value. It’s a software platform that allows a multitude of components residing within the network to communicate seamlessly, providing simple access to things like automated signal performance measurements and advanced signal performance analytics. Users can assess the performance of an individual traffic signal quickly and effectively, or the traffic systems within an entire city or region.  

Today, many cities operate their traffic networks in silos, but traffic, congestion and gridlock don’t exist in silos. McCain says the smart city transportation and mobility model that MyCity operates in will break down the silos and connect agencies with the information they need to act in ways that were not possible before.

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