Lift-off for Star Systems’ Gemini and Apollo

Worldwide, cities are increasingly seeing the need to implement high occupancy (HOT), express lane and road congestion tolling as they cope with rising costs associated with maintaining safe roads and highways for their citizens, while also improving road usage experiences.
October 12, 2020
Star sys1


Cities and states face ongoing challenges in balancing funds and budgets for public infrastructure development and maintenance. Implementing high occupancy and express lane tolling and congestion charging are seen as a viable way to manage and fund these smart city initiatives.  

Many organisations are handling HOT and express lane and congestion tolling by using multiple-mode transponders in vehicles which allows a driver to self-declare the number of occupants travelling in the car. Products such as Star Systems International’s Gemini and Apollo multi-mode transponders are two new products that make this very simple to implement for governments and toll operators.  

Stars sys2HOT lane, express lane and congestion tolling are now helping cities become smarter and financially more stable. Companies like Star Systems International are focusing on enabling smart city initiatives by developing and providing high performance, accurate, dependable products, and economical smart city devices.    

Smart city applications such as HOT and express lane and congesting tolling in turn provide citizens with better and safer roads along with improved commute experiences. Governments are also benefiting from much-needed added revenues and controls for their road infrastructure.  

Star Systems International also provides smart city enabling products such as its Titan, Tarvos and Procyon Readers and Transponders for all type of AVI Applications.

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