MG Squared’s innovative mounts enhance CCTV maintainability

When an innovative solution to maintain cameras while minimising lane closures and bucket trucks on the new Tappan Zee Bridge, (formally known as the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge) was needed, MG Squared answered the call. Over 60 custom designed camera lowering devices are in operation on this remarkable structure, spanning the Hudson between Tarrytown and Nyack New York, just north of New York city. This project highlights, once again, how the team at MG Squared can improve surveillance camera maintainability while boosting camera efficiency and overall safety.
September 4, 2020


“What is unique about this project is that it required three different mounting customisations that had never been done before anywhere in the world,” said Martin Maners, VP and general counsel - MG Squared. “The first unique application is an integrated tower mounted lowering device. Cameras needed to be placed on the concrete superstructure of the bridge itself.  However, how would they efficiently conduct maintenance on cameras on the outside of the superstructure 125 ft (38m) above the water line?”

The MG Squared team worked with TZC to design a system where the winch box – the location where lowering and raising of the camera takes place – was sited on a platform inside of the superstructure.

The second unique application is a gantry-mounted lowering device. MG Squared, innovated with 20 ft (6m) pole extensions that were built as separate add-ons to the gantry support structure. Utilising guide wires, the cameras can be lowered to hand holes where the operator is able to use the removable winch to operate the system.

The third unique application is a pole-mounted lowering device. However, the placement of the poles on pier caps, 20 ft (6m) below the bridge deck, required the winch mount hand hole to be elevated on par with the bridge deck level and with a 5 ft (1.5m) gap from the pole to where the operator stands.  MG Squared designed and built a customised winch extension box to solve the problem.

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