Multiple OIML R134 approvals for Intercomp

In further OIML R134 certifications for the company’s scales and sensors, Intercomp has announced it has received OIML R134 certification for its LS630-WIM scales. Operating in pairs, these scales provide wheel, axle, axle group, and gross vehicle weights (GVW), and are capable of communicating wirelessly to indicators or software.
September 8, 2020
ITSWC Intercomp

Manufacturing scales and sensors at its global headquarters in Medina, USA, Intercomp is demonstrating its dedication to providing the highest quality certified products for providing vehicle weights.  Based on highly accurate strain gauge technology, Intercomp’s OIML R134 certified products now include strip sensors at low and high speeds, LS-WIM (weigh-in-motion) axle scales at low speeds, and now the LS630-WIM scale.  The latter two are NTEP certified in static mode within the US, and join the LP788 portable low-profile scale which is OIML R76 certified for static weighing.

Recognising the advancement of uses and acceptance of WIM throughout the world, Intercomp points out that it continues to create certified products for fixed and portable uses, with static, low-speed and high-speed weighing devices available for integration into WIM systems.

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