Parsons iNET next-gen transportation management system (TMS)

The Parsons Intelligent NETworks (iNET) Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) is working around the clock for dozens of transportation agencies worldwide; has received 10 local, national or international awards in the last six years; and is currently deploying for some of the most advanced application use cases around.
September 4, 2020
Parsons ITSWC


New, innovative iNET deployments include fuzzy logic based mainline metering for the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge; management of sea and land port operations for Port of Oakland; implementation of the connected vehicle bus on shoulder (BOS) operations in San Diego; as well as implementation of the latest integrated corridor management (ICM) solution in New York.  New iNET traffic signal systems modules have been successfully implemented in locations like London, Vancouver, Toronto, Macau, Halifax and Mississauga.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Parsons ATMS solutions are enabling high-performing remote operations via the company’s virtual transportation management centre (VTMC) capabilities for nearly 20 agencies.   

With six newly developed modules, iNET supports traffic prediction, event prediction using machine learning, voice driven assistance using artificial intelligence, connected vehicle applications, edge computing, on-board video analytics, big data and a new data analytics platform.  The solution supports all key active traffic management (ATM) strategies including variable speed limits, queue warning, dynamic lane management, hard shoulder running, reversible lanes and adaptive ramp metering.  

The 2019 International Road Federation (IRF) award for implementing reversible express lanes in Atlanta is just another example of the innovation and excellence of iNET.

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