Siemens announces EventFlow, an exciting new technology

Siemens Mobility’s Digital ITS Lab in Austin, Texas, has just developed an exciting new technology that is currently being considered by several agencies in the US. It is piquing the interest of cities trying to figure out their “new normal” - now defined by work-from-home scenarios, resulting in changes to commuting and traffic patterns and a growing frequency of new, sudden events or large gatherings of people.
September 4, 2020
Siemens ITSWC


Named EventFlow, this new service takes predictive traffic management to the next level, using state-of-the-art AI and machine learning to help cities prepare for sudden or new traffic patterns stemming from unofficial popular events.  These are events that are not necessarily part of a city’s official schedule but can still be determined by increased internet or social media activity.

In urban environments, where such events could result in sudden traffic jams and blockages, this AI-enabled capability allows traffic managers to identify and predict sudden event locations and times – and connect directly to roadside infrastructure to deliver important information that informs traffic managers and directs drivers.

Siemens says it’s a level of capability that hasn’t really been seen in the marketplace before but is sure to be utilised and appreciated more as traffic managers grapple beyond planning around traditional 9-5 workday and rush hour traffic schedules. EventFlow will enable them to stay nimble enough to deal with any new changes that may come their way. It’s a new level of flexibility as every city strives to cope with change. 

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