Star Systems’ Tarvos reader raises the bar for toll systems

Star Systems International recently introduced its Tarvos Integrated Reader which takes UHF RFID reader performance for electronic toll systems to a new level by providing best-in-class speed, read accuracy and reliability.
September 4, 2020
Star Systems ITSWC

Tarvos is designed for high-demand vehicle identification and tolling applications, with the ability to simultaneously run Multi-Protocol Applications. Tarvos’ unique capability of reading multiple protocols simultaneously, enables seamless integration with current infrastructure and legacy transponder base, providing significant cost benefits.

Via its standard external port, Tarvos also supports an additional high-performance antenna, providing additional flexibility in lane coverage.

Tarvos supports Gen2V2 embedded crypto security along with ISO 18000-63 secure over-the-air communications channels for applications where security is a concern.

Designed with the user and programmer in mind, Tarvos utilises an industry-leading, software-based radio architecture which provides easy integration into a variety of different applications.

Tarvos is designed and IP67 certified for rugged outdoor weather conditions and is fully FCC and ETSI compliant for global deployments.

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