Video-as-a-Sensor technology for intelligent infrastructure solutions from Bosch

As street and sidewalk congestion and connected vehicle use increases, city planners and traffic engineers face new issues. The challenge to choose technology solutions that can assist today and adapt as autonomous vehicles take to the road is quite complex, as Bosch points out.
September 4, 2020

IP cameras with built-in video analytics have the capability to act as video sensors in ITS solutions. According to Bosch, these intelligent devices enable detection and monitoring solutions that provide real-time alerts to safety risks while gathering roadway usage information to provide insights for data-driven decision-making.

These video sensors can deliver automatic incident detection and verification for slow or stopped vehicles, queues at exit ramps, vehicles travelling the wrong way, objects in the road, and other traffic events. By communicating with highway information solutions, the cameras can trigger notifications to drivers to improve situational awareness. This technology enables automated triggers to dynamic message signs, beacons, and DSRC broadcast messages for smart vehicles to alert drivers to safety issues. It also enable early incident detection and mitigation by enabling traffic operations centres to implement workflows to resolve road irregularities faster

This same technology can also enable solutions that enhance the safety of intersections and pedestrian crossings, including detection of pedestrians in a crosswalk to alert the traffic controller to preempt traffic signals to increase safety as well as broadcast messages to smart vehicles alerting them to the presence of pedestrians

According to Bosch, from improving traffic flow to pedestrian safety initiatives, and more, video-as-a-sensor technology enables a range of solutions to meet the needs of city planners and senior traffic engineers worldwide. 

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