Detection, Monitoring & Machine Vision

June 8, 2023
Distributor is now called Smartmicro UK as part of strategy to create international network
June 5, 2023
New system also institutes countermeasures such as flashing warning signals
June 1, 2023
Autonomous vehicle business is preparing to scale in North America and Europe
May 30, 2023
New agreement will bring Israeli firms to 'Silicon Orchard' for testing and knowledge share
May 29, 2023
Units are being installed on Metrobuses for Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority
May 22, 2023
Applied Information is partnering with JSF Technologies to provide solar-powered school zone safety beacons and mid-block crossing beacons for use…
May 15, 2023
RATP partners to make public transit vehicles smarter and speed up routes in Paris
May 10, 2023
Research in Salzburg into C-ITS equips bikes with V2X tech to allow detection via ITS-G5
May 5, 2023
New e-scooter has dual-battery system and firm now offers white label sales model
April 27, 2023
Distribution deal covers United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait