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31 October 2013



APS Group debut’s ‘world’s smallest’ printer at CARTES 2013

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Super Small Thermal Printer SS 205-V4
APS Group, a global specialist designer and manufacturer of thermal printer mechanisms and controller boards will be showcasing the World's smallest thermal printer at CARTES 2013.

The group's 'super small' SS 205-V4 thermal printer, measures just 68mm wide, 24mm deep and 26mm high, weighing in at only 26 grammes but with a print speed of 110mm per second.

APS says further features include new printhead technology, which offers sharper, clearer printouts as well as an easy paper loading and door opening system for ease of operation. It offers efficient heating elements, low energy consumption, high reliability, high optical density as well as more durable and stronger gears than previous models, says the group. It also prints from 3V and offers 'V' coating for longer TPH life (of 100km using the recommended paper).

This combination of features makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including in calculators, data terminal devices, digital tachometers, EFTPOS, fiscal printers, hand held terminals, measuring instruments, portable printers and terminals as well as taxi meters.
Stand : 3 E 101


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