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09 July 2014



CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS goes from Smart Retail to Connected Commerce

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Finance & Retail

One of the key exhibits at CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2014 will be a dynamic new space called Connected Commerce in which various companies will demonstrate new ways of shopping and paying using cutting-edge technology. “It will showcase a mixture of retail innovation, showing how digital can work in practice at point of sale,” explained Angelo Caci of AND’Co, who is helping to put together the new area. It has grown out of the Smart Retail space which was such a hit of the CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS event last year. “It is another means by which CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS can highlight innovation in a concrete way,” says Caci.

The theme of CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2014 is ‘Users on the move’ and there will be five distinct areas for visitors to enjoy:

•    Card, Manufacturing, Personalization & Services: from card manufacturing to linked services
•    Consulting & Tests: tests, certification and consulting
•    Identification & Data Protection: identification, authentication, biometrics, data protection and access control
•    Mobile Payment, Processing & Acquiring: mobile payment, processing transactions and acquisitions
•    Multisector Area: companies with multiple activities


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