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19 November 2013



DigitalPersona launches new biometric system at CARTES 2013

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Elaine Bliss on DigitalPersona  stand
Elaine Bliss on the DigitalPersona stand
DigitalPersona is seeking to meet the growing global demand for proof-of-Identity services, including for people with no identity credentials with Altus, a new real-time biometric authentication system run via Intranet or VPN.
Launched today at CARTES 2013, Altus features modules for onsite or mobile enrolment, identity verification and management of secure credentials. The company expects strong interest from banks, retailers, government agencies and other organisations looking to meet the needs of under-served consumers and citizens.

“More than half of the people in the world have no identity credentials. As a result, they have little or no access to banking or government services,” says Richard Agostinelli, president and CEO at DigitalPersona.

Agostinelli said that in addition to allowing banks and retailers to serve more customers, Altus provides employers and government agencies with a cost-effective way to verify identities. “Passwords and ID cards can be stolen, shared or compromised,” he said. “You can’t forget or lose your fingerprint so it’s an effective and affordable way to identify a variety of populations.”

The Altus solution consists of a three-part framework that includes Altus Create for secure enrolment and access to applications; Altus Confirm for managing credentials during the entire life cycle from enrolment to de-provisioning; and Altus Control for password management in a secure single sign-on (SSO) environment.

In addition, Altus Consult offers a variety of services, including policy definition, customised workflows, software development, hardware configuration, deployment and training.
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