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31 October 2013



JUSP launches all-in-one Chip & Pin mPOS solution

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JUSP launches mPOS Chip & Pin
JUSP has launched an all-in-one chip-and-pin mPOS solution for smartphones and tablets, which the manufacturer says has a lower price (¤39 per unit) and smaller transaction fee (2.5%) than other such products.

It is also the only one of its kind that connects directly into a smartphone or tablet audio jack using its proprietary, patent pending technology, JUSP says, and works with the highly secure credit and debit cards in all countries outside the US.

It means merchants can make payment transactions over their mobile devices anywhere by plugging the device directly into their iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet audio jacks, with no Bluetooth pairing required. JUSP connects directly to bank systems to complete the transaction using 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks.
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