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19 November 2013



Morpho highlights secure pauments and biometrics data

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Cartes 2013 Morpho’s stand
Art attack: Morpho's CARTES stand
Morpho (Safran) is focusing on “the art of digital security” at CARTES 2013 showing visitors how its “latest solutions transform personal data” into high-tech, secure and fully protected pieces of information that can be “used in our customers’ businesses”.

The Morpho (Safran) stand is highlighting the company’s latest ideas on how to make payment and biometrics data secure and easy to use; on fast, convenient and multi-functional transport and ticketing; on the best way to make eBanking and online shopping in daily life secure and reliable; on safe NFC authentication for mobile payment solutions; and on new special effects and technologies for card design.

Morpho is the high-technology division of the Safran group, and it specialises in identification, detection and e-document developments as well as “personal rights and flow management applications (in particular based on biometrics) and secure terminals and smart cards”. The company says that it will also use CARTES 2013 to explain to visitors its latest thinking on identification via mobile biometrics; trusted identity services and new multi-applicative terminals from biometric tablets to versatile access control devices.

Key developments at the show include the use of crowd sourcing for 4G LTE good quality KPIs; next-generation real-time interactive mobile marketing and a look at “a smart combination of NFC, biometrics, smartphones and eID to make the airline passenger’s life more pleasant.”

For instance, a recent breakthrough from Morpho was the launch of Morpho IAD (Iris at A Distance), which the company describes as “a breakthrough device combining iris and face capture … capable of acquiring iris images in just one second, it is the fastest device available on the market.” The new IAD system “provides an effortless, non-intrusive” way “for both enrolment and verification” of airport passengers at a distance of one metre.

“We constantly develop disruptive technologies to meet ever-evolving security needs,” says Philippe Petitcolin, Chairman and CEO of Morpho (Safran). “Our teams have worked hard for the past few years to accomplish this technological feat and we are thrilled to be launching the market’s fastest and most advanced iris capture device.” Elsewhere, on the airport security front, Morpho has just won a US $10 million contract from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) for the development of a next-generation checked baggage explosives detection system (EDS) based on advanced X-ray diffraction (XRD) technology, all to be delivered in 2015.
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