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19 November 2013



Next Generation mobile computers launched by 4P

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Coming together: yesterday at CARTES was a hive of activity
4P Mobile Data Processing is launching the latest versions of its FDA600-POS all-in-one handheld computer devices at CARTES 2013. The new machines “feature fiscal cash registers, chip&pin payments and biometric signature capture,” says 4P. The units are “light, compact and durable,” and allow “operators to track goods, people and locations with barcodes and RFID, shoot and geotag pictures, (create) videos and auto-ID, and stay permanently connected to remote servers via high speed wireless data”. There is also a “built-in fiscal printer (that) can print receipts, invoices and barcodes on the spot,” adds 4p. The handhelds can run on Windows or Android.4P reckons that the “main applications include mobile sales, mobile ticketing, fare collection, parcel and postal services at the door step and law enforcement”.
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