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20 November 2013



Oberthur launches breakthrough ID technology at CARTES 2013

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Oberthur Technologies Secure ID
Oberthur Technologies revealed an industry first at CARTES 2013 yesterday when it announced a technique to produce colour photographs on a polycarbonate card. The breakthrough promises to greatly improve the security and durability of secure ID globally, the company says.

Called Lasink, it is the very first technology to generate colour pictures by laser engraving, a significant advance for high-security identity cards.

Until now laser-engraved images on polycarbonate could only be rendered in shades of grey, severely limiting the possibility to use the photo on identification documents as it left such ID open to fraud.

The alternative until now has been to create colour photo cards by using polycarbonate cards laminated with another polymer sheet. These solutions have a shorter life span as they are prone to delaminating.

OT claims the Lasink solution, based on OT’s patented “Color Laser Image Print (C.L.I.P.)” technology offers a 10-year life span for cards and high security, notably owing to a card body which cannot delaminate.

The company claims the technology is a unique solution that consolidates its position as a trusted player in the global identity market. “The identity market has been expecting such a breakthrough for more than a decade. With Lasink, we meet all the expectations and we are very pleased to offer governments a unique and innovative solution to secure all the ID credentials from fraud and identity theft,” said Pierre Jurek (pictured above), Marketing and Strategy Director of the Identity Business Unit at OT.

OT also stressed that Lasink is both a technological breakthrough but also a practical solution to the secure and reliable application of colour onto polycarbonate surfaces. Lasink relies on a very smart combination of proven technologies, already used in the field for more than 10 years - our customers are not beta testers and OT has always been able to find the right balance between technological progress and practicality.
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