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09 July 2014



OT issues 5 millionth passport in Uzbekistan

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Government, ID and data protection

Don’t be afraid of biometrics – that is the arresting message from Christophe Naudin, identity crime expert, ahead of CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2014. “People don’t really understand what biometrics is and what it can do,” explained Naudin at the official launch of this year’s event.“But biometrics actually has the ability to increase personal freedom, rather than take it away. All over the world, people are worried that governments will be able to have too much power over them, but what it will do is solidify our identity.”

International governments need to help citizens understand the benefits, he went on. “More use of biometry is a positive development,” Naudin said. “Governments need to look at adding it more and more to people’s day-to-day lives, such as in social security systems, for example. That way, people will see in a few years that it is more usable than perhaps they think. But we need political involvement to do that. The world of identity is changing quickly. A strong society is one which will be able to identify who is who and what they are able to do.” Oberthur Technologies (OT) is at the forefront of secure connections and Olivier Prestel, managing director of the group’s ID Business Unit, explained at the CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2014 launch event how his company had issued its five millionth passport to citizens of Uzbekistan. OT has implemented and supported a turnkey identity system solution covering the complete passport chain from citizen enrolment, data management, ePassport personalization, issuance, document verification and border control to authentication. OT deployed more than 400 enrolment stations in over 250 locations in Uzbekistan, about 200 border control stations (at airports and train stations as well as terrestrial borders) and built a complete factory to host the personalization and datacenter. “Thanks to OT’s ID expertise as a system integrator, we delivered and deployed across the nation a full electronic passport system, in only few months, in close co-operation with the Uzbek government teams,” Prestel explained.


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