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30 October 2013



PlascoTex unveils new lamination tech that will cut costs

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PlascoTec lamination plate technology
PlascoTec has developed two special coatings - PlascoSAM and PlascoSLIDE - for lamination plates which it says will reduce wear and improve anti-stick performance “drastically”, thus allowing coatings card manufacturers to reduce production costs.

PlascoSLIDE reduces the adhesion of foils (PC, PVC, PET- G) as well as unwanted residues from the lamination process on the lamination plate surface, improving product quality and cutting the need for cleaning during production. Meanwhile PlascoSAM has high hardness and very good scratch resistance, both of which help to prolong plate lifetime as well as bring down overall cost. Both coatings are available with PlascoTec’s FlowSTOP technology, which prevents unwanted material flow on the lamination plate, and can be applied on steel as well as on brass/nickel/ chromium plates. 
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