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21 November 2013



SCCP Group's Swift mWallet challenges traditional cards

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Hugues Courcier: SCCP Groups Swiff mWallet
Hugues Courcier: "This market is booming"
SCCP Group’s Swiff mWallet is challenging the traditional retail card payment model and is poised for continued growth as the market moves rapidly towards mobile payments, says the award-winning company.

The winner of the 2013 SESAMES Award for e-transactions, Swiff’s mWallet enables merchant aggregators and banks to offer merchants sophisticated Big Data and CRM management tools, says Hugues Courcier, head of sales and business development at SCCP Group.

By giving these customers and their end users extensive new features, it challenges payment transactions based merely on the traditional fee-per-transaction model.

Consumers value the secure and simple nature of payments made through the system as well as the potential to earn loyalty rewards, says Courcier. “The statistics show that 80% of users are happy to pay with their smartphones on one condition: they want security.” Merchants, meanwhile, are attracted by the suite of marketing tools mWallet offers that helps them increase margins, develop cross-channel marketing, as well as track and respond to consumer behaviour.

The fact that mWallet is provided as a white label product gives its customers their own mobile wallet system that frees them from providers such as Google Wallet or PayPal. This gives them greater control of their data.

Another emerging field where mWallet can be useful is in ‘click and collect’ style transactions where shoppers order online and collect goods in store. “This market is booming and mobile is the best way to solve all the supply chain issues around pre-ordering,” says Courcier. “They can order with their mobile and then use it to present proof of payment as well. It gives merchants flexibility and it gives flexibility to end users.”
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