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30 October 2013



Spire Payments launches Linux-based line of PoS terminals

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Spire Payments has launched the only Linux-based PCI 3.x and SRED-compliant PoS terminals, covering wireless and mobile PoS devices, from fixed countertop to PIN pads.

The SP range has been designed to be fully PCI PTS 3.x compliant, including the use of open standards and the adherence to SRED. “What we wanted to deliver in one fell swoop is a range of products that will meet not only the challenges of today but value that remains long into the future,” explained Michel Sohrabi, Spire’s head of product development.

Spire hopes in particular that its secure framework, coupled with Linux and the range’s lengthy lifespan, will make this an attractive offering to partners and third party software developers.

It should also appeal to PoS application developers that a single-package development kit, inSPire, has been launched with it: this tool should speed up the process without sacrificing quality, enabling a rapid application development cycle. It includes on-target debug which, along with Spire’s unique automated test environment, automatic common format report and automatic documentation generation, means functions can be tested every step of the way. “Our idea was to reduce, or even eliminate, some of the tedious aspects of the application development process to allow an application engineer to focus on what they like to use the most – their creative skills,” Sohrabi continued. Each new application can function on the complete SP product range without a need for repeat certification. 
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