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20 November 2013



Thales uses standard smartphones to revolutionise mobile point of sale sector at CARTES 2013

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Ian Hermon, Thales Product Marketing Manager
Ian Hermon, Thales Product Marketing Manager
Thales, the UK-based information systems and communications security specialist, is planning to re-shape the mobile point of sale sector at CARTES 2013. The company will be sharing and demonstrating a range of solutions from leading mPOS device manufacturers on its stand at the show, as well as showing off the newly-announced members of its multi-partner ecosystem. “By working with Thales, Miura has been able to simplify and remove the complexity of delivering leading P2PE and Remote Key Injection services for mPOS solutions,” says the company.

Thales reckons that its new partnership will allow “Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to construct, configure and deliver an mPOS solution in a few easy steps, opening up significant new opportunities to increase revenue through additional transaction volume”.

“For the first time,” says the company, “PSPs can provide valuable services to micro merchants, such as tradesmen and market stall traders and anyone else who has traditionally been excluded from the world of card payments and forced to rely on cash-based transactions. These merchants can now easily deploy a flexible, portable, low-cost card acceptance solution with strong end-to-end security that leverages their existing investment in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Furthermore, merchants who have traditionally accepted cards, such as high street stores, can also take advantage of these systems to add mPOS capabilities to their existing payment systems as a way to create a better customer experience.”

By working with leading mobile card reader providers such as Magtek, Miura Systems and Spire Payments, and mPOS application providers such as Creditcall, to integrate hardware-based encryption and key management technologies, Thales argues that it has created a secure infrastructure for mPOS for untrusted devices such as mobile phones and tablets to conduct secure payment transactions across untrusted networks – cellular, Wi-Fi or internet. These integrations enable PSPs to offer a secure payment gateway that supports a wide variety of card readers.

“Hardware-based security underpins the whole mPOS ecosystem,” says Thales. “Secure card readers encrypt the card data at the point of capture for both magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards. Hardware-based point-to-point encryption keeps micro merchants out of scope for PCI DSS and does not add to the PCI DSS burden for larger merchants already accepting cards using traditional POS terminals. Thales payShield 9000 and nShield Connect hardware security modules (HSMs) improve security, simplify security audit compliance and limit liability for PSPs.”

According to Ian Hermon, mobile payments specialist at Thales e-Security, “mPOS is revolutionising the consumer’s point-of sale experience. Micro merchants are now able to accept cards for the first time, removing their dependency on cash transactions. By creating a secure mPOS infrastructure, Thales and its numerous global partners are now able to help PSPs enter this exciting new world. The combination of these new payment technologies and the ubiquity of the smart phone and table are set to change the payments landscape for ever and the opportunity for PSPs is immense.”

Thales e-Security is a leading global provider of data encryption and cyber security solutions to the financial services, high technology, manufacturing, government and technology sectors. With a 40-year track record of protecting corporate and government information, Thales solutions are used by four of the five largest energy and aerospace companies, 22 NATO countries, and secure more than 80% of worldwide payment transactions. Thales e-Security has offices in Australia, France, Hong Kong, Norway, United States and the UK.
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