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20 November 2013



Think&Go NFC sees bright future after double SESAMES win

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Tim Baker, Think&Go NFC
Tim Baker, Think&Go NFC: Looking to the future
A small French start-up company which is not even exhibiting at CARTES has become the toast of the show with an innovative product which scooped two prestigious SESAMES Awards – in the Mobility and “Discovery” categories.

Tim Baker, Think&Go NFC Marketing and Communications Director, believes his company’s double win says a lot about the credibility of the SESAMES Awards and of CARTES itself. “We are not an exhibitor at CARTES,” he laughs. “We are a very small company. We’ve already won prizes in specialist NFC competitions, which is good of course. But CARTES is recognised worldwide as the crème de la crème. This gives us real credibility.” The company’s Dynamic NFC-Screens are the next generation of video displays, allowing them to converge with mobile phones, using NFC technology to exchange information between a screen and a phone just by placing the handset against the screen at the spot where the information is displayed.

“NFC has taken a long time to get to market,” Baker admits. “I think the reason we’ve been successful is that we’ve thought outside the box. Direct contact with the screen is important and we’re rubbing different worlds together. We started off talking about video projectors – we wanted people to react with the moving image, putting them in front of NFC and getting them to live the whole experience it can offer. We knew NFC was going to create totally new applications. When the mouse was added to a PC, it did something to what that machine was capable of doing: NFC is a similar sort of step forward.” And the crucial thing for Baker is that there is customer interest in Think&Go NFC’s products. “Winning the SESAMES is very exciting – but what’s also important for us is the fact that it’s being used, we have orders,” he concludes.


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