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20 November 2013



VASCO unveils its new visual transaction signing solution DIGIPASS 760 at CARTES 2013

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VASCO T. Kendall Hunt
VASCO founder T. Kendall Hunt
Software security and authorisation specialist VASCO Data Security International is launching DIGIPASS 760, a new visual transaction signing solution at this year’s show.

“DIGIPASS 760 is the first successful integration of Cronto’s patented solution into VASCO’s DIGIPASS product line,” says the company, and “the authentication device (is being) targeted towards banks, enabling them to establish a secure optical communication channel with the client. The solution works with CrontoSign technology (generating) a graphical cryptogram of coloured dots is displayed on the bank’s website.”

How does it work? “Account holders enter their transaction details on the bank’s website”, says VASCO. “These details are then encrypted and presented as a graphical cryptogram on the user’s computer or tablet. Users simply scan this image with the 760’s built-in camera a coloured cryptogram and the transaction details are presented for user verification. A signature is then generated which the user enters on the bank’s website to confirm the transaction.”
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