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CARTES: Digital uses and ID and Personal Data management

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  • Cartes 2013 Default Avatar Portable, smart desktop laser markerIRIS Corporation's DLP400 Series is, the company says, the world's first smart desktop laser marker that can be used for both passports and cards. It offers high functionality to meet growing demand...
  • Cartes 2013 Default Avatar ID TECH releases new MagStripe and smart card mobile readerID TECH's new addition to its audio jack family of secure mobile card readers, UniPay, combines contact chip card reading and magnetic stripe reading in a single device. EMV Level 1 approved with AES...
  • Cartes 2013 Default Avatar DERMALOG focuses on bio-improvementsDERMALOG's LF10 Fingerprint Scanner for rolled fingerprints now features a software module which enables the scanner to record signatures as well as fingerprints. These are recorded on the same...
  • Oberthur Technologies Secure ID Oberthur launches breakthrough ID technology at CARTES 2013Oberthur Technologies revealed an industry first at CARTES 2013 yesterday when it announced a technique to produce colour photographs on a polycarbonate card. The breakthrough promises to greatly...
  • Tim Baker, Think&Go NFC Think&Go NFC sees bright future after double SESAMES winA small French start-up company which is not even exhibiting at CARTES has become the toast of the show with an innovative product which scooped two prestigious SESAMES Awards in the Mobility and...
  • Oberthur Technologies Didier avatar Q&A: Oberthur TechnologiesDidier Lamouche, Chief Executive Officer of Oberthur Technologies (OT), tells CARTES Daily News how his company is helping customers and what he is looking forward to seeing at CARTES this week
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