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04 November 2014



CARTES 2014 Opening Summit provides illumination

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Day 1
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CARTES Opening summit

Predicting the future is notoriously difficult – if it was easy, national lotteries would be out of business very quickly – but the experts gathered for CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS Opening Summit have a better chance than most at defining the future shape of the payment, identification and mobility landscape.

Traditionally, CARTES opens with a bang, as industry leaders in their fields look closely at the major trends that will affect everyone involved in the business of providing secure mobile financial systems. This year is no exception: the expected 1,700 conference attendees will receive illumination on the industry from Eurosmart chairman Oyvind Rastad, who will deliver his preview presentation of forecasts and market trends. Providing the keynote address immediately afterwards, the manager of Orange France’s NFC Programme, François-Xavier Godron, will give details of Orange’s NFC roll-out in France. He will spell out the milestones that have been achieved and the challenges that remain in a fascinating insight into this major initiative. Industry leaders will then gather for a panel discussion on some of the most basic and interconnecting issues facing the sector – issues that can sometimes be conflicting. How, for example, does the increasing drive for connectivity and intelligence – an area that includes the Internet of Things and M2M – potentially affect one of the most sensitive issues for consumers: privacy in this increasingly digital society. Moderator Alex Green, senior research director at IHS, will lead the discussion with some of the industry’s leaders, including VeriFone’s president, Europe, June Yee Felix; NXP Semiconductors’ senior vice-president of identification sales, Steve Owen; and Ingenico Group’s executive vice-president SEPA Europe, Pierre Antoine Vacheron, in what is certain to be a thought-provoking discussion.

Opening Summit,
10:00 - 12:30, Amphitheatre Jean Thève

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