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04 November 2014



CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2014: ‘Users on the move’

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Day 1
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Isabelle Alfano Exhibition Director CARTES Network
Isabelle Alfano Exhibition Director CARTES Network
A warm welcome from Isabelle Alfano, exhibition director, CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS Network

‘Users on the move’ is the central theme of this year’s show. A great number of services, devices and systems are built around a new way of life made to fit users’ mobility.

CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS is showcasing this and in particular will be highlighting the 'security for confidence’ theme. Exhibitors here have always developed and displayed solutions accompanying users in their daily life: at home, at work and during their leisure time. They have made security a core element of their products so that users can trust providers of the services they access. Over time, performance and reliability of these solutions have increased, thus successfully addressing a complex challenge for today and tomorrow: to integrate and interweave security, mobility and reliability in the digital society for the benefit and freedom of users. CARTES 2014 will specifically address topics such as: Security for mobility, Trusted cloud services, Biometrics, Privacy in the digital society, Innovation for payment & retail, Connectivity & intelligence…

Since its creation in Paris in 1985, CARTES has become the industry’s premier show – and over the next three days it will bring together 450 exhibitors who have come to present their products and services to 20,000 visitors from 140 countries.

Last night the SESAMES Awards, the unchallenged hallmarks of excellence, once again rewarded the industry’s best innovations in 11 categories. Before that, CARTES and the innovation agency Fabernovel presented the Digital Showcase – a first for CARTES – giving people hands-on experience with the technologies that will make up tomorrow’s world. But there is so much still to see and, over the next three days, we urge you not to miss the following attractions:

  • The Opening Summit (free access) officially launches CARTES this morning, bringing together major industry leaders to discuss the latest trends and innovations, followed by 120 conference sessions gathering over 1,600 participants over three days.

  • The Connected Commerce Area, a dedicated area of 200m2 allowing visitors to discover a new shopping experience by testing cutting-edge technologies.

  • The Exhibitor Workshops, which will increase your knowledge of products, apps and techniques around key themes such as innovative payments, mobile commerce, NFC, smart cities, e-wallets and e-money, security and identity.

  • For the first time this year, the Startup Challenge will give today’s entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s big players visibility, financial support and preferential access to the market they target. The winner of the €10,000 prize is announced tomorrow.

  • Finally, don’t forget to check out our country of honour, the United Arab Emirates, and discover throughout the event the opportunities that this country, at the forefront of connectivity, offers the industry in the field of digital security.

So thank you for coming and we hope you have a great CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2014

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