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05 November 2014



Galitt’s KaNest offers TaaS Cloud change

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Galitt test in cloud

Payment systems and secure transactions business Galitt says it will transform payment testing with a new Cloud-based service, which it claims will speed testing, create new business models and free testers from needing physical testing equipment. Galitt’s KaNest tools now offer test-as-a-service (TaaS) capabilities, which enable test processes to run remotely in the Cloud, using only a PC or a tablet.

Up to now test platforms have relied on standalone equipment which meant testers have usually needed to have physical access to the machine running the tests – resulting in long lead times and increased costs. KaNest series test software can now be accessed via a web interface, allowing testers to use the test platform remotely from a web browser using any regular PC or tablet. It means testers do not need to be tied to test equipment and can instead be in the field, close to the equipment, such as a payment terminal already installed in a store.

A further benefit of the TaaS model is that there is no longer any need to install hardware and software on the computer used by the tester. “From now on, Galitt customers are able to use our simulators as a service and benefit from a better match with their test operation requirements in terms of flexibility and productivity,” says the firm’s marketing officer François Inglebert. “Galitt will also be able to position itself as a service provider to answer specific test needs."

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