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06 November 2014



Mobile wallet Pivo set to launch secure payment service

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Jukka Parkinnen mobile wallet
Jukka Parkinnen, Pivo vice-president

Pivo, the multi-award-winning mobile e-wallet owned by OP bank and used by 300,000 Finns, is poised to launch as a fully-featured mobile wallet service.

The app, which helps consumers manage their spending by keeping an eye on their spending and bank balance as well as collect offers and discounts, is now ready to go as a fully-fledged payment service as well. The firm’s approach was to make sure it created an application that users actually wanted and then to move onto payments. It is proving popular and is earning high app store ratings of 4.7. “Our approach is different,” says Jukka Parkinnen, Pivo vice-president. “Many have started with payments or loyalty programmes and have required too much from people to start using them. Our app offers to answer a simple question for consumers: ‘can I buy this?’ We have made it very easy to help them work out if they can afford to make a purchase.” It has been designed with a bank, ensuring other users of the service can integrate and deploy it easily. It also leaves the merchant relationships entirely up to the banks that pay to use Pivo, he adds.

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