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04 November 2014



Oberthur looks at data and privacy at CARTES

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Right to Privacy

Until recently, criminals were the main concern of customers using the internet to make electronic payments. The public believed that malware and hacking were the domain of people on the wrong side of the law. The revelation that many governments and their secret services – the ‘good guys’ – were also gaining access to millions of computers and other electronic devices was a huge shock. So, perhaps it was not surprising that the website www.dictionary.com declared that ‘privacy’ was the word of 2013. Companies have been aware for years that personal data is like gold. It can be mined, sorted and sold as a product. It is so valuable that companies are prepared to provide services for no charge, in return for information about the people using them. Some customers are completely happy to hand over this information, seeing this as part of the modern world. Others are more reluctant. In ‘My life, my data, my private life’, Anne-Marie Hartmann of Oberthur Technologies looks at this new business model, where the customer is the product. Described as a marketing innovation evangelist, she will give the audience insights into this increasingly critical area of business.

‘Privacy in the digital society (Secure identity, fraud, ID management)’,
9:30 - 17:00, Room 3

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