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05 November 2014



SESAMES 2014: What the winner said

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SESAMES Award Winners
SESAMES Award Winners

The SESAMES Awards 2014 rewarded the best innovations in the world of secure payments, identification and mobility at a gala evening in the magnificent surroundings of the Salle Wagram in the heart of Paris. CARTES Daily News asked some of the winners for their reactions...

“I’m very happy and I’m sure the team will be, too. Winning brings us visibility and communication of our idea, which is very important.”

Benoit Berthie,
product development director,
Oberthur Technologies

“I’m really happy. We’ve taken part in these awards for several years and never won. It will highlight what we are doing and encourage people to come and talk to us and look at the demonstration of the product.”
Martin Bergenwall, head of the mobile security business division,
Inside Secure

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“For me it’s a great pleasure to accept this award. It is a big project, a revolution in our industry. It has been a lot of effort for a lot of people! And it has been very successful – the take-up has been amazing. Introducing the system was anything but easy – but it is fantastic for us to win such a prestigious award.”
Sebastien Losq, head of customer technology, Transport for London

“The Emirates ID Authority team couldn’t be here because they had last-minute problems and are in Cairo, but I texted my daily contact and he said ‘Great!’”
Stephanie de Labriolle, marketing & communication consultant,
Secure Identity Alliance

“One of my team came to me with the idea for certified customer reviews. And it had two great aspects: it was simple and it solved a problem. I sent my team text messages and they’re all going ‘Whoopee!’ They are all very happy.”
Nicolas Kozakiewicz, head of R&D, Worldline

“Our product has two different uses – an anti-fraud solution and enabling companies to engage with their customers. To win two awards with the same product is great. Are awards like this helpful? I believe so.”
Giorgio Miano, VP sales for enterprise and intelligent solutions, Syniverse

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