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27 October 2014



Smart Insights: ‘TEE will increasingly displace other security solutions’

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SmartinSights TEE
Software- or hardware-only mobile security solutions will increasingly be displaced by TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), according to new research. TEE is essentially a secure area that resides in a mobile device baseband processor and provides security against software attacks.

According to the latest Smart Insights report - TEE Boosts Mobile Security - TEE will grow more than sevenfold over the next five years, shipping 2.5 billion units by 2019. A recent addition to the mobile security ecosystem, which is dominated by hardware- and software-based solutions, TEE is emerging as an optimal combined hardware-software solution. Easier to deploy than hardware- only solutions, it gives a greater level of security than software-only solutions, says the report. A further advantage of TEE is that it offers the execution capacities of the main processor, while ensuring that sensitive data and applications are stored, processed and protected from the operating system (for example, Android) through a trusted execution environment.

TEE applications include mobile payment solutions, content protection, device management, mobile authentication and ticketing. As the applications for TEE technology multiply, devices without the required security features will be marginalised and lose market share, the report warns. Shipments of TEE units to date have been mainly registered in smartphones and tablets but the TEE security features will drive its expansion to several other devices, such as wearables and connected consumer electronics. Although smartphones will account for the largest part of total shipments, or about 69%, with 1.7 billion units shipped in 2019, the most rapid growth will be in the wearables market, which will increase at a 94% compound annual growth rate between 2014 and 2019 (compared to a CAGR of 34% for smartphones). Connected consumer electronics will grow at a 68% CAGR over the period. 
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