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04 November 2014



TAS and CTS speed on at CARTES with instant issuing

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Some of those attending CARTES 2014 will be old enough to remember the length of time it took for their new bank to issue a cheque card or chequebook. Today’s consumers are unwilling to wait for days for a financial institution to make the arrangements necessary to get up and running. Being able to issue a bank card instantly is an essential tool for banks to acquire new customers. The Instant Issuing and Personalization track in Room 4 this morning will look at a wide range of issues on this topic, including how organisations enhance customer acquisition and improve card activation rates. Many consumers’ initial contact with a new financial institution is still through their local branch office. Olivier Sery, head of Tas Group’s EMV Excellence Center and Spain country manager, will combine with Luca Spina, marketing manager of Italy’s CTS Electronics, to talk about using the internet to meet customer’s demands for speed in ‘Instant issuing: Towards the bank branch of the future.’ Equally as important, what does a financial institution do when it all goes wrong and hackers manage to breach its security arrangements? Ray Wizbowski, Datacard Group’s vice-president of financial vertical marketing, will talk about preserving customer relationships in those difficult circumstances through instant replacement of cards.

‘Instant issuing and personalisation: What’s new?’
09:30 - 17:00, Room 4

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