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27 October 2014



UAE: a good place for the secure connections industry to do business

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The country of honour during CARTES 2014 will be the United Arab Emirates, which has emerged in recent years as a dynamic hub for global trade with exceptional infrastructure and enormous potential for the digital security industry. The chance to foster commercial ties with the Gulf state is one many firms will be keen to take: the UAE will be in the spotlight for many events during CARTES, reflecting its status as a place at the cutting edge of connectivity and offering great opportunities for companies in the secure connections industry. The UAE will also host the 2020 Universal Exhibition in Dubai, for which the central theme is: ‘Connect minds. Build the future’. It will explore the emerging connectivity opportunities among individuals and societies. “To ensure its financial development today, the international community has to address ever more complex and increasingly interconnected challenges,” says event director Isabelle Alfano. “The UAE project for the Universal Exhibition is a great example and will enable us to promote new initiatives during the 29th CARTES Secure Connexions.”
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