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CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS 2014, the Global Event for Payment, Identification and Mobility, will take place at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre from 4 to 6 November 2014.

CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS is the only industry-defining event bringing together the world’s most comprehensive offer of solutions for payment, identification and mobility.

In November 20,000+ attendees from the Financial, Retail, Government, Identity and Access, Telecommunications and Transportation sectors, coming from 140 countries, will converge in Paris to explore how our digital society is evolving.


"In their everyday life, people are moving and services are moving with them, wherever they are, whatever they do..."

The term ‘users on the move’ reflects today’s reality.

A great deal of services, devices and systems are built around a new way of life made to fit users’ mobility.

CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS will showcase this model and in particular will be highlighting the security for confidence theme.

The companies exhibiting at CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS have always developed and displayed solutions accompanying users in their daily life, at home, at work and during their leisure time. They have made security a core element of their products so that users can trust providers of the services they access.

Over time, performance and reliability of these solutions have increased, thus successfully addressing a complex challenge for today and tomorrow: to integrate and interweave security, mobility and reliability in the digital society for the benefit and freedom of users.


CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS gathers together 450 exhibiting companies in one place. View the present exhibitor list.


  • The Conference which explores the macro trends that form the common innovative thread in identification, payment and financial services, such as commerce convergence and consumer behavior, mobile wallets, electronic money issuers’ business models, e-government megatrends, etc.

  • The Opening Summit which invites the leaders of the security and payment industry’s major companies to debate on the development of our digital world.

  • The Connected Commerce Area which presents a selection of the most promising and noteworthy innovations, from the customer’s perspective, in a lively, entertaining and interactive way.

  • The STARTUP CHALLENGE. CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS in partnership with FABERNOVEL, want to support new entrepreneurs as well as digital security innovation. Thanks to this challenge, today’s entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s big players can gain visibility, secure financial support and have preferential access to the market they target.

  • The DIGITAL SHOWCASE organized by CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS and FABERNOVEL. A place for live experiences, where participants will be able to test and understand the technologies that will make our tomorrow’s world.


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