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Advanced automatic speed detection technology from SIMICON

Russian firm Simicon says that its CORDON system delivers automatic detection of speed violations to users. Using multi-target photo radar technology, this package is said to be both accurate and reliable.

A novel feature of the CORDON system is the way it is able to monitor vehicle speeds in up to four lanes of traffic simultaneously, no matter which direction the vehicles are travelling in. Only a single sensor is needed for this, unlike earlier generation packages.

The radar sensor will automatically measure vehicle speeds in the enforcement zone and record a pair of images for any vehicle committing a violation of set limits. The wide angle images recorded are said to clearly identify any vehicles breaking speed limits and allow license plates to be recorded accurately.

The company claims that its package offers significant benefits over earlier technologies as it automatically focuses and adjusts to light conditions, allowing police officers to concentrate on enforcement tasks.

The fast response of the system means that speeding vehicles will not have sufficient time to slow down before being recorded photographically, while the package will also ensure image clarity is maximised. The sophisticated package features twin integral auto-focus camera lenses to record road traffic events in two directions and a zoom facility that maximises the readability of the car licence plate.

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