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An innovative speed enforcement radar package is now being offered by Sensys

Accurate and reliable speed enforcement capabilities are offered by the new 4D radar system from Sensys Traffic. Magnus Verlander, vice president of marketing and sales said: “What we’ve introduced for Intertraffic is something groundbreaking for speed enforcement. 3D radar has been on the market a while but now we’re adding another dimension.”

The system is able to measure speed, the distance from the vehicle to the radar, the position of the vehicle on the road and can also classify the vehicle type. This package ensures that the correct vehicle is identified for a speeding violation, spotting a truck that is exceeding 100km/h limit on a route where passenger cars are permitted to drive at 120km/h for example.

Research and development director Göran Löfqvist said: “The advantage with the radar is the robustness of the system. It works whether there is snow or rain and in all applications, such as on bridges and tunnels.” He added that another benefit of using radar is that it uses two technologies to measure speed, the Doppler effect and distance over time. This ensures measurements are verified and eliminates the risk of rogue results from vehicle wheels for example.

As the system is backwards compatible, it can be installed at existing locations equipped with earlier generation Sensys technology, further improving life cycle costs for clients.

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