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Aximum offering an array of traffic light innovations at Intertraffic

From French firm Aximum comes an array of new traffic light and control solutions. One novel concept is for a portable traffic light equipped with a Doppler radar detector.

The Diabolo R2 detects when vehicles approach and communicates with the other traffic light heads, adapting the timing accordingly. This allows a set of temporary lights to adapt to traffic flow at different times of the day and reduce build-ups.

The company has also developed its Aluxe traffic light system, one of the first on the European market that is CE marked. With this highly aesthetic system, Aximum now offers clients a complete solution from traffic management centre to the lights and using software developed in-house.

The company is also able to install and commission its traffic light systems and also has just won an order to upgrade 1,500 existing traffic lights in the city of Paris with new LED lighting. These will reduce electrical power usage and increase life, offering major cost savings over the long term.

In addition, Aximum is now offering a novel barrier for road tolling installations. The innovative barrier design operates at an angle, swinging both forwards and upwards at the same time. Should a vehicle attempt to crash through the barrier, it will simply be pushed out of the way without being damaged itself or damaging the vehicle.
This is cheaper than existing barriers that feature rotating heads, while preventing the risk of damage and lane closures to carry out repairs.

Stand: 05.324

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