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Clearview Traffic is offering weigh-in-motion and journey time solutions

Clearview Traffic is offering an array of solutions to suit differing traffic monitoring and weighing needs. These are being made available through its Golden River and Astucia product lines.

The firm has developed an improved version of its novel M830 Bluetooth journey time monitoring and queue detection system with additional capabilities. The company says that the M830 product can also be combined with the M210 logging stud, which provides a comprehensive array of journey time data and volumetric traffic count information.

In addition Clearview Traffic has developed advanced vehicle classification technology that offers a compact alternative to inductive loop technology. According to the firm, its solution will lower both installation and lifetime running costs for monitored traffic flow applications.

Also new from Clearview Traffic are novel weigh-in-motion and bicycle counting solutions. The weigh-in-motion package has been developed in partnership with Betamont and is intended to offer a versatile and modular solution that can be tailored to meet an array of requirements. Meanwhile the bicycle counter system can be used in either traffic signal or cycle lane applications. This is intended to improve safety for vulnerable road users in high capacity traffic applications.


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