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Cost-saving, robust LED lamps ideal for parking garages

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RentAlite operate car parking garages
Visitors to Intertraffic who operate car parking garages should have a word with RentAlite Products for a really bright offer. The company claims that one of its best clients, with 200 parking facilities, is saving €7 million per year and makes €3 million more profit, without any investment, because they are sharing the annual savings on energy  and maintenance costs with RentAlite!

The company claims that the steps to achieving significant savings and increased profit are easy. Conventional fluorescent lamps are changed (without investment, only the installation cost) for Premium Power LED, saving 60-85% on energy and service per year - 24hrs/365 days. The Premium power LEDs have the light and robust fixture in one, and have a lifetime warranty, because every six years, RentAlite sends out new power LED strips.

Stand: 03.121

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