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Crane Payment is offering more efficient payment points that can deliver notes as change along with coins

Crane Payment Solutions is offering innovative capabilities for dealing with cash at payment points. The new system is aimed at use in payment on foot (POF) stations.

Conventional payment points are configured to accept both coins and notes. However, change is only given with coins using standard systems. But the new innovation from Crane Payment Solutions is a sophisticated system that allows notes to be given as change if and where required. This reduces the reliance on coin hoppers and minimises problems of change becoming unavailable to customers.

Security can also be boosted as providing notes within change reduces the need for cash to be picked up so frequently. The improved, second generation system is called the Bill-to-Bill 300XE bank recycler and offers a capacity of 1,000 banknotes.

This novel system can provide up to 300 banknotes in three denominations as change and is said to maximise operating cost benefits for firms using the technology.

Stand: 01.119

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