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Electric Vehicle charging conference launches at Intertraffic

The first trade exhibition and conference on EV charging technologies and supporting infrastructures is here at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2012

The CEVITTS 2012 Conference is part of Intertraffic Amsterdam 2012 and deals with all issues around electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure with a practical focus on the business side of the accelerating development of EV Infrastructure.

CEVITTS comprises a specialist exhibition with solutions in the field of public, commercial and private electric vehicle charging systems and the deployment of charging technologies and the accompanying infrastructure. Two series of conferences, a dedicated seminar programme and special pavilions complete the offering.

Also being showcased is distributed renewable solutions for local governments, business and residential customers to meet their care for a clean environment and their leaning towards energy independence. The latest findings of a number of special EV research projects worldwide, in reference to collected and analysed data on the deployment of electrical vehicles and charge infrastructure, will be presented as well.

New markets

The conference will explain that there's no getting away from it: EV innovation will create new markets and value networks and go on to disrupt existing markets and value networks. Market survey shows that the EV infra market will take off in an unprecedented way - more than two million public charging points are anticipated by 2017 in Europe alone!

Governments have to decide how involved they want to be. Charging at home or at work will be natural, but other potential customers have entered the arena, such as hotels, restaurants and parking, car rental, sharing and leasing companies, fleet managers and gas stations.

The barrier to entry is low and new entrants may emerge from other industries. Utilities are strong players and some have even become manufacturers of charging infrastructure through strategic partnering.

Success Charging Group (SC), a specialist in electric vehicle charging services, is a founding sponsor of CEVITTS 2012 and will be exhibiting its products and services. The company has acted as content supplier and advisor to the conference. Last year, SC began a penetration campaign in which it is signing contracts for installing charging stations in prime real estate and parking locations, building its worldwide network. SC's technological arm is meanwhile developing a novel all-around network control system whose features will be announced during the CEVITTS event.

"As most of the leading auto manufacturers are already producing EV models, after having invested heavily on research and development, the industry now awaits charging solutions which will be both universal and customer-friendly," said Yaron Hillel, SC’s VP marketing. "Success Charging is the only service provider that actually came from the parking industry, therefore it has centred its philosophy on serving both the needs of the EV driver and those of the parking operator, across continents and national borders."


The imminent roll-out of mass market electric vehicles means that each country will have to deal with a new load on their grids and develop the necessary charging infrastructure both in public places and the home to support them. These stations won’t necessary be on the corner but rather located at movie theatres, malls, coffee shops, restaurants and the office parking lot. This rapidly growing network of public and private charging systems and the deployment of charging technologies and the accompanying infrastructure will provide manufacturers, wholesalers, installers, service providers, builders, designers, architects, importers, agents, etc. with tremendous opportunities. CEVITTS 2012 will bring together the industry at large.

Note – attendance at the CEVITTS trade show is free to those who have preregistered, otherwise a ticket will cost €65 when registering onsite. There is also a charge for attending the conference and workshop programme: The full ticket fee is €495, while a day ticket is available for €295. All fees are excluding VAT, but including coffees, teas and lunches.

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