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Evonik Industries showcases road markings expertise

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Wilhelm Karnbrock (left), Debora Rebuelta and Alexander Klein of Evonik
Wilhelm Karnbrock (left), Debora Rebuelta and Alexander Klein of Evonik

Road markings including Degaroute cold plastic resin material last two-and-a-half times longer than classic solvent paint applications, according to a new industry-wide study being highlighted by Degaroute manufacturer’s Evonik Industries.

The study, which began in early 2011, saw Evonik Industries road marking technology experts and PE International work with experts from other companies, including a major European producer of road making materials.

“These findings show Degaroute saves road marking material and reduces the environmental impact through less frequent applications. There are also improved long-term cost efficiencies,” says Dr Wilhelm Karnbrock, director of road marking global marketing for Evonik Industries.

Dr Alexander Klein, Evonik Industries director of technical marketing and AT road marking, also points to the reduced traffic disruption of having less frequent road marking applications due to the use of Degaroute.

Meanwhile, Evonik Industries is also celebrating at Intertraffic the 50th anniversary of the launch of Degadur and Degalan cold-plastic road marking technology, which the Degaroute brand is based on.

“Degaroute is used in countries on every continent,” says Karnbrock.

“There are fundamental trends in favour of using Degaroute. There is growing demand for new bike and walking paths. Our product supports the safe travel of pedestrians and cyclists.”

Peter Reinhard, Evonik Industries road marking business director, says there are further commercial opportunities provided by the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020).

Local authorities' growing keenness to find green sustainable solutions for their infrastructure investment is also welcomed by Evonik Industries.

Karnbrock says:  “With Degaroute, it means we are ready to meet authorities’ requirements for greener solutions.”

Stand: 04.312

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