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Fast and easy road marking systems

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Ennis Prismo road marking products
Ennis Prismo Traffic Safety Solutions will unveil two revolutionary road marking products at Intertraffic - Paintmark and Digimark.

Paintmark is made up of three components. The trafficked surface of the product is a proven, highly durable Ennis Prismo waterborne traffic paint, used all over the world. The product sticks to the road surface using natural bitumen with excellent adhesion qualities. Between the paint and the bitumen is a specially developed, high strength fabric layer, bonding the two together. High index glass beads are applied to the surface to provide retro-reflectivity.

Ennis Prismo says Paintmark can be used as a temporary or permanent road marking, and when used in conjunction with the company’s Easytack sprayable tack coat, Paintmark operates as a permanent road marking with a lifespan comparable to preformed thermoplastic, but with a much simpler and faster installation process.
Digimark is a surface graphics image system that enables the reproduction of any digital image on to practically all road and pavement surfaces. It can be used for a range of applications including advertising, car-park marking, floor-plans/maps and playground markings. It is applied without heat or heavy machinery, can be trafficked immediately, and is removed quickly, without any damage to the road/pavement surface.

Stand: 01.406

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