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Gatso launches T-Series platform

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Timo Gatsonides
Timo Gatsonides salutes the arrival of the T-series

Gatso is using Intertraffic for the world launch of its new T-series platform. More than a new design and cutting-edge technology, it was born out of a completely new vision for the present and future needs of the enforcement sector.

The Gatso history of innovations in road safety is unique. The completely new T-series platform is based on more than 50 years of experience and innovations. The key strength of the T-series is that it fulfils the market’s need for low cost of ownership and maximising return on investment. To realize this, Gatso focuses on specific aspects, such as ease of installation and maintenance, and further improved violation efficiency - all offered on a platform that is future proof and expandable.

According to Timo Gatsonides, managing director of Gatso: “The T-series platform has the built-in technological capability to provide much more than traditional speed and red light enforcement functions. This includes options like Amber Alert, flagging black list or suspect vehicles for wider crime prevention, or producing statistics – a full range of additional functions based on ANPR.”

The T-series platform consists of a range of innovative technology design and components, housed in a revolutionary new cabinet. The latest high-tech components for image capture, machine vision, detection and more are combined in an architecture that provides the foundation for building customised and effective enforcement solutions.

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