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Hoeflake and Swarco Futurit team up on Futurlux LED street lighting control

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Left to right: Arther Pesendorfer, Henk Hoeflake and MichaelLeft to right: Arther Pesendorfer, Henk Hoeflake and Michael Schuh
Left to right: Arther Pesendorfer, Henk Hoeflake and Michael Schuh

Dutch company Hoeflake, a specialist in the lighting industry and a long-standing Swarco Futurit customer in the Netherlands for LED traffic signals, has worked with the company to develop an innovative solution for controlling Futurlux LED street lighting that uses powerline communication. The Hoeflake solution offers ‘intelligent’ street lights which provide additional operational and cost savings.

Swarco Futurit has a complete LED street lighting product family - Futurlux Head and Futurlux Beam which feature common advantages with different luminaire design. Futurlux Head combines the latest LED technology with an attractive luminaire that elegantly integrates itself in the cityscape, while Futurlux Beam sheds a completely new light on street lighting.

“Now there’s an additional benefit because managing street lights with powerline communication means that every luminaire includes a communication device to receive and send messages over existing powerline cables,” explains Henk Hoeflake. As a result, new sensor based services to reduce energy and maintenance costs can be realised without adding new communication infrastructure. “Each street light can be monitored and controlled while the ability to dim street lights to reflect low traffic volumes can result in additional energy savings,” says Hoeflake.

The new powerline communication system has been deployed on the N237 in Utrecht where 300 Swarco Futurlux luminaires are installed with powerline communication and a full web-based solution.

As Michael Schuch, managing director of Swarco Futurit, points out, street lighting accounts for up to 40 per cent of the annual energy budget of a municipality. Slashing those energy costs by up to 90 per cent will provide huge financial relief, to say nothing of the enormous environmental savings and benefits.

“With Futurlux, communities not only save energy and CO2 emissions, but will also get a significantly improved lighting quality on streets and roads”, says Schuch. “Better light direction onto the street (less scattered light), dimming without efficiency loss, for instance when traffic volumes are low, and no need for maintenance are key advantages of Futurlux.”

Stand: 04.310 and 10.103

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