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Imagsa shows new features of Atalaya ANPR camera

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On display: Ferran Mingo, CEO of Imagsa with the Atalaya ANPR
On display: Ferran Mingo, CEO of Imagsa with the Atalaya ANPR

For its second appearance at Intertraffic, Imagsa is introducing new features on its Atalaya ANPR camera, successfully deployed in 10 countries covering a variety of highway and urban traffic applications, as well as launching the Chronos portfolio of solutions for speed control and red light enforcement.

The auto-triggered Atalaya ANPR camera has been upgraded with a new ultra fast 250 fps image sensor at full 2 Megapixel resolution. This is significant; accurate ANPR can now be accurately performed on two adjacent lanes (same or opposite direction), thus significantly reducing the investment per lane.

Imagsa is also showing the Atalaya3D camera, a non-intrusive device to simultaneously perform ANPR and speed measurement of vehicles through 3D image analysis from a pair of cameras. The company claims a precision level of just 1% error on speeds up to 250 KmH, making it a perfect substitute to alternative speed enforcement systems based on radar, laser or loop sensors, which are detectable.

The Chronos portfolio from Imagsa, consisting of ready-to-install solutions for average speed enforcement, red light running control and black list / bus lane enforcement, also benefits from the superior capabilities of the ultra fast 250 fps Atalaya ANPR camera.

“The high level of interest here at Intertraffic, together with our last year rapid growth, confirms that Imagsa has a successful solution for number plate recognition and related traffic control and enforcement applications, says Dr. Ferran Lisa-Mingo, Imagsa’s CEO. “Our objective remains the same, and it is all about providing innovative and reliable ANPR cameras along with traffic solutions to our customers.”

Stand: 11.709

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