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Improved traffic paint binder from Dow Coating

A new generation product called the FASTRACK 2011 binder is now being introduced by Dow Coating materials. The firm claims that this all-acrylic emulsion binder allows paint formulators to reduce requirements for materials such as latex or titanium dioxide. This helps reduce costs, while delivering high quality and high performance in traffic paint applications.

These fast dry traffic paints are said to deliver high performance adhesion for an array of road surface materials. Durable and reliable, the FASTRACK 2011 binder dries quickly even in high humidity conditions according to the manufacturer.

The firm claims that by reducing reliance on costly materials such as latex or titanium dioxide, users can deliver an economical, long-lasting alternative for high visibility roadmarking applications using waterborne paints. As the FASTRACK 2011 binder does not contain solvents that may be flammable or provide potential environmental issues, it is also likely to find further favour with many authorities.

Stand: EL.01

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